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See a Sugar Maple floor we just installed for Sucre' Patisserie on the Madison Capitol Square

New Photos of Two New Floors      A New Red Oak Floor
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New - World's Most Advanced Solar Cycle Kiln (November 2009)    New - Simple Solar Collector

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What are they doing now? 
The Baird Family from NC visited for Timber Techniques Training several years ago.
They are now "Tree Hugger Wood Floors"   see photos


Forestry The Way It SHOULD Be       UnConventional Wisdom

Our Responsibility in This Recession

Everyone is claiming "GREEN" these days - who do you believe?

How Green Is It - REALLY?

The Potential of Using Locally Grown and Manufactured Wood:
* Create one full time well paying job for every 40 acres of timber.
* Local Manufacturing and Direct Marketing multiply the market value of standing timber 10 to 1,000 times.
* Keeping the money in the local community multiplies it again - 3 to 5 times.
* Trucking and shipping are minimized, saving lots & lots of fuel!  Woodworking businesses can actually produce many types of energy from their scraps.
* Natural products with minimal engineering and maximum craftsmanship can be produced by small business.  Customers get natural products that will last - and know where the wood is from
* Growers are encouraged to care for their timber for the future.

Industrial Forestry Today:
+ The forest owner is paid a couple of percent of the retail value of the timber. Distant big corporations take the wood and the value far away and make all of the profit. Most forest owners feel short-changed.
+ A few men in huge machines cut the timber in large volumes, creating major disturbance to the land. Forest owners feel they lose control of their land during the harvest.
+ Loads of fuel are used to haul the wood away, often half-way around the globe.  1/3 of the cost of retail wood products is trucking and shipping!
+ Local consumers buy highly manufactured wood products with a relatively short life-span, from distant lands at the Big Box Stores, again sending lots of money far away to subsidize the big corporations.
+ Growers are discouraged from managing their forest.

Who Loses from a change?  Brokers, Big Equipment Dealers, Fuel Corporations, Foreign Countries, Shipping Corporations, Government Officials, Foreign Owned Timber Corporations, Big Box Stores.

How "Green" is it - REALLY??    Building Your New Home With Your Own Wood

Forestry on Steroids       Forestry The Way It Should Be!   Unconventional Wisdom

"Green" or Greed!?        Gypo Logging and Phony Phorestry

Say Boo to Bamboo       I Challenge All Foresters!!

If it is Broke - Fix It!      Bad Lawyers are Disbarred!

Robbing the Wood Chipper

Leaping the Logjam - Documentary DVD

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Why They Call it White Pine    River Valley School Forest Harvest Video

If you want CHEAP - Buy CHINESE
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If you want VALUE - Buy from the VALLEY!
Solid, Natural, Local wood products