Our forest is now producing about 400 board feet per acre every year.  That is about one        22 inch diameter red oak tree 75 feet tall. 

This is a very significant figure!!

If we were selling stumpage (trees to a timber buyer) this could now earn us about $240 per acre each year.  Selling flooring, we can earn over $4,000/acre.

What is your annual income from your forest?

Every forest owner that I have explained this to would gladly invest one tree per acre.  This is the 22" diameter tree containing 400 bf - worth about $200.  Or you can invest 4 smaller trees, or ten tiny ones...  with a total value of $200/acre.
You allow the Cooperative to carefully harvest one tree per acre in an improvement cut, the wood is milled, dried, manufactured, and sold - generating at least $1,000 per acre in sales.    This is plenty of money to fully fund the start-up of the business - and then you get your $200 per acre paid in full also!!

Forest owners are Timber Rich!  Learn what you really have
and take advantage of your valuable investment.

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    from the forest owner's point of view!
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