Timber Techniques

        Hands-on-the-job training

      For forest owners who want to get more value from their natural resources.

Timbergreen Farm's Timber Techniques is a unique opportunity for individuals and small groups to learn dozens of new ways to increase their income and enjoyment from their forest land.  Each session is individually tailored to the interests of those attending.  Choose from:

Full Vigor Forestry
Natural forest management, Tending the Forest, Restoring a Natural Forest, Improving Timber, Marking Timber, Roads &Trails.
Arthroscopic Logging
    Directional felling, low damage skidding methods, hauling logs from the woods, logging safety.     Horse logging may be available at an extra cost
Sawmilling logs into lumber
Headsaw, resaw & edger operations, quartersawing, livesawing, curved & small diameter logs.
Lumber Drying
Handling and stacking boards, predrying, kiln drying, solar kilns, proper storage of dry lumber.
Adding Value to Lumber
Manufacturing flooring, millwork, stairs, glued-up panels, turnings, homes
Marketing Wood Products Direct to Consumers
Free advertising, show your wood products, local markets, Internet sales
Flooring Installation
Trimming, fastening, transitions, stairs, sanding, finishing.

Your Timber Techniques session can be one day or a full week -
            individual or a small group.    (
Weekends are available)
Ideally  we will mark timber, harvest the trees, sawmill the logs, stack the lumber in the kiln.  Dry lumber will be made into flooring and we will install flooring in a home.
This is a hands on - learn as you work - program. 
Expect to get a little dirty - and have some fun.

Five days is recommended to acquire the basics of the full program if possible.   

Comments from forest owners about Timber Techniques

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