W-Tree - put our Woodlands to Work for Wisconsin. 

Woodlot owner's need good business information:

  1. Accurate timber price information - current stumpage prices and long term market trends.

  1. Current rates of return from successful forest management operations.

  1. Business information on sustainable forest management systems

  1. Marketing alternatives that provide fair treatment when selling timber.

  1. Low impact logging systems that protect the future of their  forests.

Forest owner's need good information that demonstrates that in 2000:

  1. Forest management can be a very profitable business -                                    timber should be the best crop on most farms.

  2. Common sense management practices can double the value growth                  on most forests.

  3. Sustained yield harvesting produces much higher income than traditional  management.

  1. Value-added processing and direct marketing can multiply forest income again.

Its time for forest owners to take control of their own resources and put

Wisconsin Woodlands to Work!


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