WWW - "W Tree"

Wisconsin's old welfare system did not solve the social problems that it was
intended to.  The old system actually was shown to waste the taxpayers money
and make matters worse for the people of the state. 
Wisconsin is now leading the way in Welfare Reform. 
W-2, WW - Wisconsin Works  - is revolutionizing the old welfare system
by training people to work and earn their own way.

Timber is the most important crop in Wisconsin, yet our forests are mostly        neglected or actively mis-managed - despite decades of efforts and millions of  dollars in taxpayer subsidies.  Over-harvesting and high-grading (taking the best and leaving the worst for the future) continue to degrade our woodlands today. 

Traditional forestry programs are based on two principles:

  1. Timber prices are too low and harvests are too infrequent to justify forest management on private lands, so the government must provide subsidies to encourage people to manage their woodlots.

  1. Private forest owners and consulting foresters can not be trusted with the long term responsibilities of proper forest management so the government must control the resource.

Traditional programs are also designed to put large quantities of cheap wood on the market for the profit of  the industry.   

W- Tree is based on different principles:
  1. Timber prices have risen 1,000% in the past twenty years and timber management is now an excellent investment for private woodlot owners.

  1. Informed landowners in a competitive marketplace can and will make good long term management decisions when given accurate information on the business of forestry.                            next