Ready for Poly!
Just hours before Y2K the crew prepares the kiln for the front poly tarp that forms the      collector window.

A true cooperative experience!

The weather was almost perfect, the breeze from the southwest was a concern, but the temperature was nice!  Aluminum hold down strips were screwed onto the roof around the collector room to accept the plastic.  Extra help was needed though, to apply the huge poly tube that forms the collector window. 
Mike's crew, Ken and Dan Yoder, and a dozen extra SWC members pooled their efforts for this critical task.  The 110 foot long by 20 foot wide poly tube was to be spread across the collector, without tearing the plastic or being swept away by the wind. (not a single hand was free to snap a photo during this phase)
The poly was unrolled across the back shingled roof, and passed over the ridge to hands in the collector room.    Each person was fully engaged as the pass was made....  The breeze kicked up on the roof, we held on...  Russ Roske anchored the end...  hand to hand - the plastic tarp gradually slid into place - Success!!

As the tarp was held in place by dozens of hands, the two part aluminum hold down strips were clipped together.  This 6 mil thick, UV protected poly is normally used for greenhouses.  This tube forms a double layer that will be inflated to form an insulating bubble over the solar collector.  This clear window will allow the sunlight to pass through to the black layer where the heat is transferred to the air.  The hot air is then blown down into the three insulated chambers on the ground level where the lumber is kiln dried.  After about one hour, the    project was complete and the roof was sealed on both sides.  Nice Job!!

Even with the ends of the collector room remaining open, the crew sheathing the back wall noticed an immediate change.  Jim is now working in his T-shirt.  A few more days of work will finish the insulation and sheathing, build the air duct system in the collector room, and install the fans that will circulate the air.  The doors will be hung on the wood chambers, and this Super Solar Cycle Kiln will be in operation!!                  next