Any forest owner, logger, or forester needs to have a long term commitment to working in this forest, and must be paid well and fairly, to be able to resist the temptations to sell out to short term profits and greed.  Sustainable Forest Management is only possible where Greed is controlled by the successful operation of a long term profitable business (an example of this is the Menominee Forest).  A support system that encourages future oriented management ethics and continuing education  is another crucial element.  The team approach that is proposed in the vision of the Sustainable Forestry Cooperatives is one possibility.  (any others?)

New markets that generate higher values are needed to overcome the short-term greed that permeates and controls the current timber industry.  We have met many good foresters and loggers that are forced to sell out to Greed because there is no alternative - it has been the only way to survive in the industry.

We learned years ago that we can not restore our forests with Full Vigor Forestry if we are constrained by the traditional market.  That is why we developed production methods and markets for character grade flooring from the worst trees of all timber species.  That is why we proposed the forest owner value-added - direct marketing cooperatives to make this available to forest owners everywhere.

All the "safe" compromises to the SWC vision that have been developed the past few years can't touch  what I propose here - you must have the profitable business, the new value-added markets, the annual income from frequent harvests, to attain this new level of satisfying management on private woodlots.
Compromise (no risk, no controversy, no effort) is another enemy of sustainable forest management.