This is conference sponsored by the Wisconsin Forest Productivity Council, Wisconsin DNR,      University of Wisconsin - Extension, with a grant from the Northeastern Loggers Assoc., Inc.

Lets look closely at this....  the WFPC - that sounds pretty good, eh?  So who is this really?
Of the Board of Directors, 10 are industry representatives, four are government foresters,
and one is from the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association. 

A catchy slogan at the bottom of their letterhead reads...
"A landowner's first step to healthy, productive forests"

And look at who the speakers are..... 

Three DNR foresters, Two consulting foresters,    A timber buyer (procurement forester    (this is an oxy-moron if there ever was one)),    and the Executive of the WFPC.

This is the state of the art in the forest industry today - all the foresters  working together to help forest owners sell their timber.  Put your timber on the market - it is good for Wisconsin!!

Forest owners, learn from other forest owners - not the traditional experts who's paycheck comes from your timber sale.  Stop being herded around by the professional shepherds -      find out where the other sheep went to last year....  don't blindly fall into the same trap.

There is now a new way to sell timber - from the forest owner's point of view, but is it on the agenda of  this conference?  No!  These experts are all aware of our ideas, and for some reason this is not on the schedule!  Sauk County is the center of the Sustainable Forestry Cooperative movement, so why was this  popular alternative passed over?

The experts of the timber industry don't want forest owners to hear any more about this.  They instead will present only the traditional ways that enslave    forest owners to the traditional markets and methods

Full Vigor Forestry teaches landowners to grow their timber.  We harvest the natural output of the forest and cut just enough to keep the forest growing at full capacity.  An annual harvest minimizes the disturbance to the forest, and produces regular income and active involvement for the woodlot owner.

Local value-added processing and direct marketing eliminates all the brokers, the middlemen, and expensive trucking back and forth across the country.  It creates new jobs in the community and pays the workers well for good work.

Full Vigor Forestry is designed by forest owners to meet the needs of the forest owner, not the big mill.  (still can't figure why this is not on their agenda?)

Come on forest owners, really learn to
Do It Right in your woods..... 
                    Here is a better idea!