Maple Syrup - Sustainable Forestry - Boiled Down To The Essentials

Aldo Leopold....
  "A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability,
and beauty of the biotic community.  It is wrong when it tends otherwise.

Sustainable Forest Management - the Essentials

* Act With Respect Toward The Earth:
The landscape, the land
The living forest system
The local community, your neighbors
The future - leave the land in better condition for those who follow

* Restore Degraded Natural Resources
Most natural areas have been abused by grazing and high-grade logging
We must now correct the mis-management of the past to build the future
We must harvest less than annual growth to restore full stocking levels
We must cut the worst trees first to rebuild the genetic makeup of the forest

* Protect the Environment
Act so as to create minimal impact and disturbance - move "light on the land"   
Restore and preserve rare, threatened, endangered, and unique natural features
Remove or control invasive species that threaten natural diversity

* Maintain a healthy, vigorous, and diverse fully-stocked forest                       
A fully stocked forest will maximize the values and income to the forest owner
A diverse stand of vigorous trees offers maximum security & production
Aesthetics, wildlife habitat, recreation value, and water quality are all high
Increased timber values have changed traditional definitions of tree maturity
      Owners now can benefit from longer rotations and larger-more valuable trees
      Grow high value trees as long as they are vigorous and low risk 
      Manage each crop tree - right where it lives - for maximum long-term benefits
      Produce the maximum quantity and quality of timber while enhancing diversity
      Economic profit is needed to encourage and sustain proper management
      Harvest the natural production of a fully stocked diverse stand of trees
      Carefully remove excess volume as needed to keep the forest healthy
            thin when necessary to keep each crop tree at full production
            thinning may be selective or small area harvests to regenerate stands 
                (don't set the harvest by a "formula" or simple growth estimate)
                (don't just sell the valuable trees or allow "Diameter Limit" cuts)
                maintain the forest as a whole in fully stocked condition
      Protect the residual forest from damage during and after harvest
Enhance  the future production of the forest - be conservative today
Encourage natural ecological functions - natural regeneration, succession 
Anticipate and work with natural cycles and disturbance

* Monitor & Observe, and adapt management with time
Before each activity, Think about what is right - and do it.