Timber Growers Alliance
Natural Forest Products - Direct From The Grower

A group of forest owners here in Spring Green is actively organizing this new      marketing and educational effort.

My thoughts to date.....
Full Time Marketing Members -  Have Sales locations        Have a vote
Part Time
Contributing Members -
      sell products on consignment at other sales locations  Have a vote
Supporting Members - forest owners not selling products that support the Alliance
Associate Business Members - businesses that support the Alliance.

The TGA will promote member businesses through:
Websites -  www.TimberGrowersAlliance.com -click here for the site!
Media Blitz  - national coverage with features in magazines would be first      priority.  Local press releases would be developed too. 
This is a great story!
Business Cards
Product Samples

Certified By Common Sense:
Buy Your Wood from an Alliance of forest owners who practice:
> Future Oriented Commitment to Forest Ownership -
        Our forest supports our family business
> Full Vigor Forestry - Improving the growth of the forest with every action
> Natural Succession and Natural Regeneration are encouraged
> Arthroscopic Logging - taking the worst trees first
> Sustainable Harvest of one tree per acre per year
> We harvest just the natural output of our forest - we sell what we grow
> Energy Efficient Wood Manufacturing on the farm
> Direct sales to customers in the community
> Professional Installation in the home or business
> 100% Customer Satisfaction - We Know Our Wood!

A variety of forest products are available today!  - syrup, mushrooms, firewood, lumber, flooring, furniture, etc.
Customers contact your business direct for sales.
We could share our different species around the country too.

Are You interested in joining us?? Suggestions?