In 30 years, I have found one thing that works for the forest owner in the timber industry.
Here is my recommendation for encouraging forest owners and good loggers to responsibly manage the forest in a profitable manner.

Organize a business to meet the needs of the family/community.
Create a new and separate market for high value wood products through direct sales.
Have confidence in your products!  Keep it simple and complete.
Do this as a business venture, don't wait for government or ENGO "help"!

(Several years ago I was asked to help with a project to replicate our forest to finished flooring business in a small village in Ecuador, to "save the rainforest".  By the time I had a chance to get to Ecuador, the non-profit groups and U.S. government agencies had flooded these poor folks with tons of inappropriate new equipment, the worlds most ridiculous &complex lumber dry kiln, and mis-informed advice that overwhelmed and confused everybody.  Well intentioned but un-businesslike help is not effective and actually discouraging)

There has been growing success with small businesses being developed following our forest to finished flooring example.  Timber Techniques Training is our week long program here at Timbergreen Farm where a person/group can see it all for themselves and get hands-on-the-job training to learn the system.  I show people what works for me, then it is up to them to take the ideas that will help them, and adapt them to their particular situation back home.  Hopefully, each person will make the system a little better each time. Over one dozen small businesses are now being established around the world.  If I help a few business get started, and they each help a few business get started….  Soon things will change for the better.

Summary - Key features of this new market are;
*  An annual harvest creates a steady income and involvement in the market.
*  Common sense forest management is understood and controlled by the forest owner.
*  Skilled, well-paid professional loggers return year after year to harvest timber.
*  Minimize hauling wood to control expenses
*  Use the simplest possible methods and machines -
      "turn straw into gold" right on our property.
*  Eliminate every broker and middleman - sell direct to customers
*  Own the wood until it is installed in the buyer's home.
*  Focus on making high value products, not big volumes of wood.
*  Operate a profitable business that pays good wages for hard work.
*  Market the natural output of our forest, not affected by industry "demand".
*  Top priority is to market locally, but a website lets you sell to the world.
      *  Forest owners are in full control of their forestry business.

Wood is very valuable. Wood is easy to work with.
Tools are available today. Information is accessible anywhere.