Major issues for forest owners today;
Is any forestry sustainable, if the forest owner is not earning a significant and regular income that rewards their ownership efforts?

Is any forestry sustainable where the typical harvest degrades the forest resource and cheats or short-changes the forest owner?

Can forest owners manage their own business of forestry... or do we need to rely on "professional" foresters to tell us how to manage our woods??

Do we need Government and Charitable Foundation Grants to get forest owners to manage their timber?

Is the forest industry doing OK?....  or....  Must we create our own producer controlled timber market?

Will forest owners ever really work together for the benefit of our natural resources?  Every attempt to organize landowners has been taken over by Government and University and Industry influence and money.  (My opinion only, of course)

Lets talk about this on

Paul Krause has set up a perfect forum for us to share among forest owners.  Please register with him - email your user name and password and then write us a note to introduce yourself.  There are 33 members last time I checked, with room for the rest to get involved.  Things are getting interesting!
Together, we could change the traditional timber market -