Wisconsin's timber and paper industry continues to crumble as
our forest resource is degraded everyday by over-harvesting,
high-grading, and fragmentation.  Big corporate profit-taking and down-sizing continues as the Timber Industry moves south and out
of Wisconsin and the US. 
Anyone who says or thinks that the forest management now being practiced in Wisconsin is Sustainable is a FOOL! Birky

But, today - the
Government administrators....
University professors....
Foundation administrators....
Non-profit agencies.....
"Expert" consultants....
Business owners who play the games and work the system for their own profit.
ALL are quite happy!  They still have the money and hence the power.

Forest Owners don't get the money - they just keep getting more confused and frustrated.
Forest Owners have never been paid fairly for their timber.  They are the only part of the timber industry that does not make a profit.

What if the traditional timber market would change?
If the average price paid forest owners for their timber
harvests was increased 100%, and that amount was passed along to the consumer - the retail price of wood products would rise by 1%.   
If the average price paid forest owners was increased 1,000%, to a level landowners may seriously consider
managing their timber crop, the retail price of wood
products would rise by about 10%.   
But it will not happen.

The timber market, the industry, the forestry profession won't change.

But forest owners can choose to change things....