Loggers, Scorning the Law, Ravage The Amazon
The front page of the New York Times this past Sunday - October 16th,  contains a headline and story - "Loggers, Scorning the Law, Ravage the Amazon"  Larry Rohter writes an excellent article, describing the ongoing destruction of the Brazilian      Rainforest.  Illegal logging and government inaction are exposed.

The day before I had received another sad letter from a forest owner.....  the logger "went onto my land and proceeded to cut not only the trees marked in blue by him, but also a significant number of trees in contradiction to the signed agreements we had made.  He said all the right things leading up to this, but in the end he performed irresponsibly.  Certainly I do have grounds for taking legal action against him."  I've seen this a thousand times.  Nothing will happen to prevent this from happening again a thousand times more.

As I drive though Southern Wisconsin this week, I see "Forest Destruction Goes On As Before..." on my neighbors lands too.  No discernible effort is being made by our government agencies to truly protect the forest, respect the forest owner, or consider the future.

Rohter quotes a logger caught in the middle of it all....
"If you are going to bust me, you're going to have to bust everybody. We are just trying to survive.  What am I supposed to do, go hungry?"

I have heard Wisconsin loggers say the same thing a thousand times over.

Just like everywhere else in this world, the big corporations are having their way with the forest  resource.  The big corporations move with freedom, with only token      authority exercised by government.  Our officials take the stance that the industry needs cheap resources, to create jobs and support the economy.  The forest, the    forest owner, and the loggers are used and abused.  The little guy is trapped in a    system they have no control over.  Survival is the bottom line.

After many years trying to chip away at this incredible log jam - I quit.
There is no way for a small forest owner to beat the traditional forestry system.

I have found a better way, a separate timber market where I am in complete control.
Any forest owner can join me - but please, 
no more whiny letters about some logger.....