Having our own molding machine lets me fix any mistakes.  The waste from contracted millwork shops frustrated me for a decade before I bought the Logosol.  This was the first and only molder small enough, affordable, and simple enough for my dead end road business operation.  Buying the molder was the single most profitable decision of all.  Now I was in full control of my business.

Installing Flooring Opens a New Door

Eight years ago when I was building my own home, I found how easy it was to install flooring.  Using my  3-D woodworking experience and just simple woodworking tools, I made the flooring and installed it.  Red and White Oak Plank Flooring up to 16 inches wide, with walnut accent strips. 

I had been talking with customers who installed my flooring for several years, and did some research on the Internet.  There are some websites with lots of information on installing flooring.  It looked simple and it is.  This is one job where I did not spend many years observing how industry did things.  You truly have to balance being able to take just the best ideas from industry and use them for your benefit, and not following old traditions just because that is the way everyone always does it.  I have learned to always watch what a successful businessperson is doing but be very careful when listening to or reading something from an "expert" who has never run a business or worked with wood. 

My flooring supply store - Blake Stevens Wood Flooring Inc. in Pewaukee WI ( and now Madison too) is an excellent information resource.  The owners are very experienced and are always able to answer my questions - excellent customer service makes me a loyal customer! 

My customers see my flooring displays here at Timbergreen, take home wood samples, and tour my previous flooring jobs, but there is no way to know in advance what their custom blended floor will look like when it is done.  I always hope they will like it and rejoice when they say that it turned out better than they had ever hoped for.

To minimize the risk of someday having an unhappy customer, I work hard to involve them as much as possible in the flooring installation process.  Before we even start, I teach them many things about hardwood flooring.  Each customer teaches me something different also.  I'm developing an Owner's Manual to share with each homeowner.

Wood Flooring Owner's Manual Table of Contents
The hardness and use of the different species of wood
The moisture content of the wood at installation
Moisture and humidity changes in the home over the seasons. 
Big dogs with sharp claws are a serious problem.
Kids with big toys having fun on the floor.
Moving furniture and appliances to protect the flooring
Character highlights - natural appearance vs plastic look
Types of flooring finishes that are available.
Semi rough sawn with V-groove vs smooth and square
Wood floors are unique and alive - if you want Perfect - buy Plastic!

Each homeowner adds another page or two to the book.                        Next