Sure, Full Vigor Forestry is a great idea, but other forest owners just can't expect  similar results - according to Gene Francisco, executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Loggers Association.  Forest owners can't possibly cut their own timber    (its not safe!) -  "It takes a lot of skill to harvest trees." says the former DNR state forester in a recent article in the Madison based Isthmus Magazine.

For decades, foresters have been telling forest owners "Forest owners are not qualified to manage their timber, only a professional forester with a college degree could possibly do that!"  Now, we don't have enough skill to run a chain saw either.   

To make matters worse Francisco continues....  "If you want to cut one tree per acre, its going to be hard to find a logging contractor willing to do that."

As a forest owner, I have seen how the professional foresters and professional loggers work here in the woods of Wisconsin.              No Thanks!
That is why Full Vigor Forestry was developed!

My farming neighbors manage all their "agricultural crops" extremely well, using lots of very expensive and powerful machinery, and exercising high levels of skills.  Why don't they manage their most abundant, important, and potentially profitable crop?  Why Not?

Forest Owners!
I say we stop listening to all those professional experts and take control of our own business!

Mike Neta has offered truly experienced "expert" training on safe and efficient methods of harvesting timber - any forest owner that wants to learn has the opportunity today.  In a few sessions, an open minded forest owner can become a safer timber harvester than the average "professional" logger I see working around S Wisconsin!  A forest owner, with the commitment of owning the land, has the true incentive to treat the land and forest with respect!

With local manufacturing and direct marketing of wood products, there is plenty of income to pay a good timber harvesting professional for excellent work, and still make a good profit for the forest owner.  The potential income using FVF is $2,000 to $4,000 per acre each year!  That pays all the bills just fine.  That changes all the rules.  That scares every professional forester to death!

Industry is not going to change - Industry will never pay the forest owners enough to make a profit managing their timber.  Foresters will never offer FVF to their clients.  DNR will never understand or support FVF.  No "Professional" is going to supply this to you.

Forest Owners - Full Vigor Forestry works,
but there is only one way I know to achieve Full Vigor!
It is up to you to earn it!

Or maybe forest owners just can't do it....  maybe Gene is right.
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