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How to Catch a Snipe

The Best Reward Direct Sales

$10,000 per Thousand Board Feet!

Timbergreen Turns Thirty!

Who is making the money in forestry?

Learning the Hard Way....

Turning Standing Timber into Flooring

Forest Owners Can't Do It

Running A Quality Woodworking Business

(reprinted from Independent Sawmill Mag)
Local Manufacturing of Wood Products

(reprinted from Independent Sawmill Mag)
The Fourth Dimension of Woodworking

(reprinted from  Independent Sawmill Mag)
Full Vigor Forestry - New Article

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A better way to forest

Spring Green owner achieves sustainability      and healthy profits

By Nicole Miller  -  Isthmus Magazine

Wooden Boat Building - part 2

more photos of the boat

Loggers, Scorning the Law,
            Ravage the Amazon

Marketing Genius!

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Industrial Logging at Spring Green - Nov 2006