Baraboo Range Preservation Society visits SWC

Troy Zietlow saws with his WoodMizer            Kent Prather talks about SWC

Frequent tours are now coming through the SWC facility in Lone Rock.  Recent visitors include the new Kickapoo Woods Cooperative and the Baraboo Range Preservation Society.    What a difference a day makes.....  Saturday was cold, cloudy, and windy making a visit to the site a rather brisk event.  Sunday was totally different.  30 degrees, calm (mostly), and sunny.        And in the solar collector of the kiln, the temperature was 112 degrees.          There is no more impressive display of solar energy than to enter the collector of this kiln!  Just walk in the door on a sunny day, and you are overwhelmed by the heat generated by this wood drying machine.    Forest owners are welcome to visit the SWC value-added facility in Lone Rock - just be sure to come on a sunny day!
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