Timbergreen  Farm Now Takes Charge Cards

Thanks to William Brooks in Canada for encouraging me to enter the electronic age of making payments.  Timbergreen can now accept credit cards for payment - its pretty easy and the cost is reasonable.

To date, you had to send me a check for kiln blueprints
and Full Vigor Forestry....    or pens or lumber..... 
Everyone has checks right?
With higher sales around the globe - credit cards are certainly an improvement over waiting for a check to arrive by mail.  Other folks have said it is hard to get a check in US Dollars. 
And some people just want it today!

Many of you likely know a lot more about PayPal than I do, but just in case - here are a few basics.

You can open a Merchant Account in a few minutes.      www.Paypal.com
The fee is about 3% plus $.30 per transaction. 
You can pass along the fee to the buyer,
or just consider it a cost of doing business in the modern age.
The money is easily transferred into your bank account.

Just contact me by email - Jim@Timbergreenforestry.com
  to make a payment, or go to Paypal and sent the $$ to Timbergreen Farm.

Thanks - Birky                                              back