Installing flooring - page 3

Flooring blanks are then taken to the workshop for manufacturing into final form.  Our molding machine is a Logosol PH 260 that was manufactured in Sweden.  After decades of wanting a molding machine that would work in our small operation, this model fit perfectly, and I bought it the day I saw it being demonstrated.  Since we are doing character flooring from our worst first      salvage harvesting, that was sawn on a small bandsaw mill - we pre-plane most of our blanks before doing the tongue and groove pass though the molder.  Flat and even lumber can be molded directly if desired, but pre-planing the wood on the good side makes the Logosol perform like a 5 head machine. 
We can make any size flooring that utilizes our lumber most efficiently. 

Next we take the flooring right to our customers home and install it.  I know every board and work to make the best use of my wood.  Taking this last step is by far the easiest, safest, most fun, and the most profitable of all.  Selling our finished flooring direct to the homeowner triples our income - it makes all the other steps much more profitable by eliminating every middleman & broker. 

This complete system of smaller working parts; supports, protects,        enhances, and gives life to itself.  The wood flows smoothly and          everything is in your control.  You can operate this system by yourself  as I do here at Timbergreen Farm, or you could organize a group to work together cooperatively.  A community based cooperative business would be very efficient and rewarding for the owners if they could operate this system.  My reason for developing this system is so I can manage our family timberland with Full Vigor Forestry.  Many other sources of logs are available today - tree service salvage, wind storm clean up, building site clearing, road construction, logging waste, etc.

Installing the flooring myself opens the door for direct marketing at full retail values.  I willingly take full responsibility for my product, as I have controlled the entire process.  I know each board and work to fit it into its highest value use.                I promise "Satisfaction Guaranteed!"
As I milled every board myself, I have no one to blame for problems, but know how to correct whatever needs fixing.

My customers are mostly average homeowners, not builders or architects.    People in the building business usually have traditional markets well developed and are too set in their ways to be bothered by unique flooring.  My success has been in showing a homeowner something special, and helping them attain a  custom designed look.  Sometimes I must counsel them that this is their house, they can have what they want, and to keep the builder from bullying them into the traditional styles of flooring.