Full Vigor Forestry:

At Timbergreen Farm,
our annual volume growth is about 4 times
            the average growth on lands in SW Wisconsin.
    our timber quality is many times higher than our neighbors
    we produce double the usable volume from our timber harvest
          compared to an industrial harvest.
    we earn about 10 times the income from our good trees -
          compared to what a "procurement forester" would pay us
    we earn about 100 times the income from our restoration harvests -
          compared to what a timber buyer would pay
    we earn about 1,000 times the income from our harvests of small logs -
          compared to the stumpage market value

At Timbergreen Farm,
We know exactly what we own, we know our annual growth, we know our      annual harvest, we know our annual income, we know that we get full retail value for our wood products - we operate a profitable business. 
Our timber is improved with every harvest - our forest is becoming more productive and diverse each year.

Our wood processing facility is continually being improved also.  When we built our first Solar Cycle Kiln in 1988, it cost about one penny per board foot for the electricity to dry our lumber. A new Solar Cycle Kiln can dry lumber today, for about two tenths of a penny per board foot!

Fellow Forest Owners
You are responsible for your land and forest resources. 
No one is forcing you to keep bowing to the traditional forestry "experts" and subsidizing the timber industry. 
It is your choice!