Full Vigor Forestry, Dauerwald, and Menominee

Full Vigor Forestry system aligns exactly with Dauerwald and Menominee, as they have been our guide and teacher.  Full Vigor is a system developed by hundreds of private woodlot owners to bring Dauerwald and Menominee style management    to small private woodlots.  It is a process of continual improvement.

Full Vigor is different from traditional forestry.  Full Vigor is a restoration effort to reverse the exploitation of traditional forest management.  SWCs have been developed to make Full Vigor possible on small woodlots.

Full Vigor and SWCs are designed to eliminate all the problems forest owners face in the traditional timber markets.  By skipping the normal timber market and    going to direct sales of value-added products, forest owners can eliminate the most serious pitfalls that greatly discourage forest management.  Harvesting small amounts at one time eliminate most environmental problems.  Making forestry    a profitable business and a good investment is essential on private woodlots. 

Full Vigor and SWCs work to train and empower forest owners to be active resource managers, in control of their own business. 

Every part of Full Vigor is necessary for the system to work.  By deferring the  harvest of good quality trees and taking the worst first, it is critical that the system work extremely efficiently, with minimal costs. 

The bonus of Full Vigor and SWCs are the community development benefits of landscape management and value-added processing in the local area.        The combination of environmentally friendly sustainable forest management,  social development, and economic viability truly come to life in this system

Full Vigor Essentials
Mark a sample of the area, then learn from reading the stumps as more trees are selected. 
This allows the forester/owner to visit the operation on a regular basis to give      supervision and continuing training to the loggers.  If an entire harvest is marked in advance, we miss the chance to learn from the story in the stumps and              supervision becomes very expensive.
Harvest a small amount every year - crews mobile and flexible
The same crew does the work each year to know the forest and owner.
Do TSI during each harvest with trained crew  (marking TSI is very time consuming to do properly and is better done by a trained worker who knows the land)
Management by Full Vigor - Dauerwald principles 
(forestry as an art, not one way only)

In conclusion: 
Full Vigor Forestry is designed to bring the best of Dauerwald and Menominee to private woodlot management.  Acknowledging that we are adapting their wisdom and experience, I should amend our slogan to
"Wurst First"!
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