This new type of photo gallery website will allow me to show all the products that I want to sell - individual pens, bowls, burls, figured wood, flitch sawn logs, every type of flooring, individual batches of boards, each species of lumber, etc....  I can update it in a few moments to add or subtract items.  Customers can view the many small thumbnail photos and get a detailed enlargement with a click of their mouse.        Customers will contact me direct for the sale.  One small sale per month will pay the tax deductible costs. is Paul's way of helping us forest owners get started.  Try it out!  It is fun. You will need a simple digital camera to take photos of your products or a digital scanner to be able to use printed pictures from a film camera.  I don't use the fine resolution settings, as too many pixels take too long to upload and download.

I use Photo Deluxe software to edit my pictures and convert them into JPG format.  Then I save the photos in "My Documents" (or any other folder that you choose).  To create your gallery on, you just choose the photos from the folder and they quickly appear on the website.  Other photo formats - gif, png, avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, and mov also can be used.

Paul has created for us forest owners as a learning and sharing forum for this new technology.  When you are ready for your own website, Paul can help you create your own site, including the photo gallery format.  A group of forest owners could share a camera, computer, and website so everyone could participate.  Any local library or business could help with the basic tools - it is really simple!  Don't be afraid of this, find a High School student to help you if you need to.

Gallery websites have many other uses too.  I could put the Timbergreen forestry tour into a photo gallery, you would click the "slide show" button - and the computer would take you on the whole tour automatically.

I talked with Paul about providing a Super Website that would show a sample gallery of everyone's products from their own websites.  His response was quite positive - so watch for an announcement with the details of this added service.  There are many other ways to promote your own website, and information will follow on this too.  I will also share some of things we've learned about easily shipping wood products once you sell them.  Sell your wood locally as first      priority - but use all the best tools available today!

If you are serious about building a profitable business managing your forest land,
I encourage you to do business with Paul


PS  It is really cool when people give you real money for your wood!  Try it - you will like it!                                                        back