They don't have to wait until they see the other person, they don't have to write a letter, they don't have to describe your products, they don't have to write down your phone number, they just email the link to your website.  Word of mouth can reach across the country in minutes.

Please develop your website content yourself!  It will not be easy, but requires
persistence rather than technical brilliance.  It will get better with time.  You may say you are not a writer, don't know much about computers, or are afraid your low budget site won't look "Professional".  That may all be true.  However, when customers buy from you in person, are you able to convince them you know your product, they are getting a good value, you will deliver what you promise, and you will take care of any problems?  If you can do it in person, you will be able to do it on your web site when you develop it yourself. Let the real you show through.  A really slick site makes you look like every big corporation and you don't want that.

We provide education and inexpensive turnkey tools that encourage individuals and small businesses to get on the web NOW! is where we have assembled all the details.  We have added "Timber Green" links to pages we think you will find most useful.    Please visit the site, learn all you can, and email us with questions.

When you have finished at, follow the links to  This is an empty "Gallery" website which I hope will soon be filled with pictures and information contributed by the "Timber Green" community.  We will enable publication permission for anyone who emails us and asks for it.  Then, with just your browser, you will be able to upload pictures and captions to the website.  If there is enough interest, maybe we can have a contest for best album.  (This is all free - and simple!  I did it today - you will see my first attempt - Birky)

Don't worry about finding it complicated at first. That's normal!  Email us your
questions and try different ways of presenting your material.  With a little effort, you will find a presentation that suits you and your business.  You can't hurt anything on the test site, so feel free to experiment.  We support the software and are happy to answer questions.  If you persist, you will be rewarded with a preview of how nice your own website would look.

Those who don't wish to publish anything are encouraged to post POSITIVE, HELPFUL comments for those who do.  As a "starter" I created an album with my information.

There has never been a better time for individuals and small businesses to begin
selling on the web.  Good domain names are still available, costs for hosting have
decreased, and the software to build sites has gotten easier to use.  I hope many
of you will use the resources at
as a springboard onto the web.

Paul                                          follow this link to more info...