Here are two facts that all forest owners
must understand when cutting timber:

1.  Someone, somewhere - will sell your wood to a customer at retail prices that average about 100 times the stumpage value  Whether you keep 1% of your timber's true value (just sell you trees to a timber buyer), or earn 100% of the retail value is your choice.

2.  The profit margin is higher and the amount of work is less - the farther up the  wood value-added trail that you travel.  Each step that we      complete is easier and makes more money that the last.  This is why      installing our flooring in customers homes is so successful for us at    Timbergreen Farm.

For those who choose to control
their own sales of forest products -
Here is a powerful new tool for direct marketing      of wood products - for any forest owner - anywhere.

Paul Krause introduced himself to me when I traveled to Albuquerque last spring for the Huge "SmallWood 2002" Conference.  He is a local businessman in Albuquerque with some great ideas about Internet sales for us.  He has developed a photo-gallery based website that is simple, inexpensive, and will open the world market to any forest owner.  I tried it out, and now have a third website with Paul's company to show and sell all my products.

Here is Paul's introduction to his services - check this out!

Why individuals and small businesses need a website.
                                                Paul Krause

Your own website gives your local business a global reach.  Unlike any other form of advertising, it costs no more to reach the entire world. Space is so cheap you can afford to include on your website everything any readers might ever want to know.  A personal visit is the only way a potential customer could learn more about you.  You can do it for the cost of running a weekly classified in your local "Thrifty Nickel" want ads paper.

Think of the web as a giant amplifier for word of mouth.  You whisper into one end and your whisper can be heard on the far side of the planet.  When you sell finished products directly to the consumer, you make more while charging the customer less.  In this happy circumstance, your customers tell others, who tell others, and your business grows by word-of-mouth.  On the web a mouse click is all it takes for a happy customer to tell others about you.        more