Timbergreen forestry tour  page 6

Here is the only flat forest on the farm.  This 4 acre oak stand was farmed, then abandoned about 60 years ago.  Average diameter is 14" and height is 70 feet.  Slope makes a huge difference in forest management.  Manitoba is too flat....  (boring)  Mountains are too steep....  (scary)  Timbergreen's hillsides are just right!!

Aspen is managed selectively here - as a valuable crop tree, even in pure stands.  We built our home from our aspen logs, and produce a wide variety of lumber products from this species.  Flooring,    paneling, siding, lumber, furniture, and valuable moldings are all good uses for aspen.  This pioneer species will diminish on north slopes as natural succession takes place, but we anticipate seeing  aspen and birch in our forests forever.  Natural disturbance, especially windstorms, regularly stirs the forest to provide the space and light needed by these sun-loving trees. 
Time to climb back up to the west ridge trail.