Timbergreen and FSC 2003  page 4

Here is the Key To Success for forest owners:
Tell your story in your community and you automatically label your wood as 'forestry-lumber'  (everyone already knows the wood in the big stores is pre labeled 'exploitation-lumber') 
Do good work in your local area, sell your wood direct to local      consumers and you don't need to pay thousands of dollars
every year to some outsider "experts" to come in and
let you use their nifty logo. 

Forest owners - take control of your own business!!

Woodlot owners:  If you still are enamored by this mythical hope of salvation, you need to learn for yourself what FSC really is.  It is also time to start paying the fees yourself as part of your business expenses.

I'm not spending any more time on FSC, I'm too busy tending my own trees and selling my flooring to homeowners these days.

PS Funny how things turn out sometimes, eh?