Tino Rawnsley, a woodworker and forest manager
from Cornwall England wrote:

Thanks a bundle

I traveled a long way for inspiration and wasn't disappointed.    Timbergreens' 'hands on' practical training was great . The evident success  of their approach was on display all around in the quality of the beautiful trees in their forests. 

I've been working on my woodlot projects for only a short time compared  to Timbergreen's 30 years of care and culture of their forest.  I needed vindication  and encouragement for my approach to forestry in my local woodlots . 
I got both in large amounts.

I came home to rainy foggy old England  with a new sense of purpose . 
Full Vigor Forestry works! I know  I saw it 

Thanks allot Jim.
All the Best Tino.

Joel Kuperberg from Washington State wrote:
I attended a Field Day presented at Timbergreen Farm this past October. Then, Yvonne and I returned in November to do a special Timber Techniques training program, that was tailored to our specific needs.

In the two days that we spent at Timbergreen, we began by producing high value lumber and "character" wood from logs that the industrial sawmills      reject. We then stickering green lumber in the solar kiln & walked through the  inner workings of the kiln.  We were also provided a set of plans for the kiln.

On the second day, we spent the morning in the woods with Mike Neta.  Mike led us through the full nine yards, from sharpening and maintenance of chain saws to "Games of Logging" tree felling techniques in a step-by-step process, through limbing, bucking the tree into logs. He explained how to determine log cutting lengths, etc.          In the afternoon, we learned to use the Farmi winch together with a Future Forestry Products fetching arch to move half ton and more logs uphill to a logging trail or downhill to a logging trail, where they were decked for forwarding, with minimum ground disturbance.  We ended the day with a trip through the Timbergreen Farm on the Honda ATV.

Our efforts back home have been guided by and modeled after what we have learned from the time spent at Timbergreen Farm in these workshops, and we are indeed grateful.

Joel & Yvonne Kuperberg
Vashon Island, Washington
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