What All Foresters and Forest Owners Want

I invite you to visit our 200 acre family forestry business on November 1, 2, 6, or 7, - 2016.   Timbergreen Farm is one hour west of Madison Wisconsin.  I believe we have developed the Best forest management system anywhere that delivers exactly what all Foresters and Forest Owners really want.

Visitor's comments:

Wallace Baird " In the summer of 2005 just as I was moving into making flooring and molding on our family farm I found the Timbergreen website while searching for help with our Logsol PH260 planar/molder. That search resulted in the family (adult son and daughter, and my wife and I) spending 5 days with Jim at Timbergreen. It was the most worthwhile educational and fun trip I have ever had. Jim had it going on even eleven years ago and he has broadened the scope to various other products and marketing. I wish that we could spend another day in Spring green but we are busy at Treehugger Forestry, 1000 miles away. Great going, Jim!"

Chafungwa Mwansa  "I found Timbergreen farm online and could not believe the wealth of information they published on solar kilns and efficient forestry. When I discovered that they offered a training course, I jumped. Only problem is I live in Lusaka, Zambia (Africa). It took me 4 flights and Avis car rental to travel 15000 km+ to get to Wisconsin. I spent day with Jim and the family, and its my best American adventure thus far! If you are involved or want to be in this industry, just book your slot now. I learnt so many trade secrets. Lunch was delicious aswell."

Tony Lovell   (This fellow travelled all the way from Australia) "If you are interested in seeing forest management done properly, if you are interested in seeing scalable sustainable socially positive timber processing and production, if you think that water and soil and land and forests and people matter, then make a great investment in your future and spend some time with Jim and his crew at Timbergreen"

Timbergreen Farm - we keep the many value of forests and trees in the local economy

Here is our crew at Timbergreen Farm and Spring Green Timber Growers

Timbergreen masters the Native North American teaching of using just the dead and dying trees that the forest gives you each year - so the trees will last forever.
We Never allow industrial demand to determine what trees are taken. 
Timbergreen encourages natural succession and natural regeneration following the German Dauerwald teaching - “Watch Nature”.
We have been letting our good trees grow here for over 40 years.  We grow four times the volume of the average forest in the region today.
Timbergreen carefully harvests an average of one tree per acre each year
so the forest is never changed by our logging. 
Timbergreen practices Arthroscopic Logging to improve the forest
using the smallest equipment possible, doing the least damage and most good. 
Timbergreen utilizes each part of the tree for its highest value use!
Timbergreen earns a minimum of $10,000 per thousand board feet
$10 per board foot pays a good wage and covers the costs, plus profit. 
The opportunity at this income level is to create one good job for every 10 acres of forest in this region,
and for every 50 trees cut in one year in an urban forest.
Most of our products earn a much higher return per board foot of wood.
Timbergreen uses free natural wind power and solar heat to dry our lumber
using Timbergreen Farm’s unique Solar Cycle lumber dry kilns. 
The nightly moisture equalization period is the key to success that produces superior quality lumber.
Timbergreen makes hundreds of different high-value finished products,
putting local people to work using salvaged dead and dying trees. 
Timbergreen sells finished wood products direct to customers,
usually earning full retail prices, keeping nearly all of the money in the local economy.
Timbergreen installs and finishes mixed species custom blended wood flooring,
cabinets, stairways, furniture, etc. right in their customers’ home. 

 Wisconsin supports a growing number of small local cheese factories, vegetable farms, breweries, wineries, and distilleries.   These small businesses create many local jobs and make higher quality and higher value products than huge factories in the global markets.   Timber is our most abundant crop, yet less that 1% of forest owners actively manage their timber as a profitable business.  Industrial logging is the only option taught and presented to forest owners.  If the State of Wisconsin and our Schools taught that by encouraging small local wood businesses like Timbergreen Farm and Spring Green Timber Growers, we would create many thousands of good local jobs, contribute much more income to forest owners, and grow our economy by Billion$$.

Using locally grown and manufactured forest products directly lowers
the demand to clear cut the remaining natural rainforests in the tropics.

Use   LOCAL Wood
a       Good Idea

Please let me know if you are interested in visiting our farm and forestry business -  Jim@TimberGrowers.com   (608) 588-7342

The fee for this one day training tour is $95     http://timbergreenforestry.com/Full%20Value%20Forestry.html    has info on the training tour day schedule.              

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