A Salute to Corporations of the Timber Industry

The Big Corporations of the timber industry have been extremely successful.  Congratulations!

They are really good at mass producing valuable forest products - of all different kinds!

They have taken advantage of low cost natural resources to make high profits for their CEO's and shareholders.  And they have done us all a great favor by clearing away all those pesky trees that are in the way of progress and agriculture.  Paul Bunyan - our Hero!

Their PR specialists make them out to be good for the environment – and 'Green' Certified!

They have cut their logging labor force by 90% by using huge mechanical timber harvesters, also reducing their burdensome insurance costs.  All those workers are now free to practice their wood carving!

They have played the government and university forestry programs like masters - to keep the supply of cheap timber flowing from private woodlots and government forests.

They have kept 10,000,000 forest owners ignorant, isolated, and subservient - while maintaining an aura of corporate respectability.

They have kept their payments to small forest owners at below the cost of production for over a century, so the corporations have been able to sell off their high value lands and make even more profit.

Big business has Co-opted and dominated every single forest owner movement and magazine with their generous support.

Big Corporations have provided 'Free' Forestry Advice for private forest owners, being especially helpful in harvesting the landowner's timber!  Very Generous!  A 'Free' Green&White Sign too!

Timber Corporations are very successful – A model for American Businesses! Congratulations!!


ps Don’t worry about China – Real American forest owners will continue to subsidize you.
Thanks for all you've done for us!!