Illegal Logging Today

Every wood customer needs to read this....

"Why is it that conservation is so rarely practiced
by those who must extract a living from the land? 
It is said to boil down, in the last analysis, to economic obstacles. 

Take forestry as an example:
the lumberman says he will crop his timber
when stumpage values rise high enough,
and when wood substitutes quit underselling him. 
He said this decades ago.
Forest devastation goes on as before. 

What to do?   I think we should seek some organic remedy—
something that works from the inside of the economic structure.

We have learned to use our votes and our dollars for conservation.
Must we perhaps us our purchasing power also?
If exploitation-lumber and forestry-lumber were each labeled as such,
would we prefer to buy the conservation product?  

The trouble is that we have developed,
along with our skill in the exploitation of land,
a prodigious skill in false advertising. 
I do not want to be told by advertisers that is a conservation product. 
The only alternative is consumer-discrimination...."

 The Round River, from the journals of Aldo Leopold  - 1948


Who are you going to trust?