Certified Hand Made
No Robots were used in the production of this product


Everyone is talking about the shortage of good jobs. 
Buy American and Buy Local are a good start, but to really support good jobs, look closer.
Even in our factories here, robots and huge machines have replaced hundreds of thousands of workers.  One big corporation now shows a TV advertisement featuring a line of robots working to make a car that can even fix itself when one robot breaks – no people are seen or needed anymore.  The company slogan in the ad is “for the human network”.    How Stupid Can We Get?? 

We all buy stuff now made primarily by robots and huge machines that have put masses of people out of work.  Then we complain about jobs and the economy.
We want cheap and convenient – ignoring the total costs to our planet’s future. 
We need to think big picture when we purchase.

We need to Choose to;
Buy as Local as Possible
Buy from As Small A Business as Possible
Buy as Hand Made as Possible
Buy the Best Value for the Future of the Planet

We control the economy and jobs by what we buy everyday.   We are all responsible for our current situation and only we can change our future.
Buying Smart in the new Global Economy should be our top priority.  We need to do just the opposite of what got us into this mess.

Anyone who buys imported stuff in the big corporation’s store is actively exporting your money and our jobs.  You are building businesses and countries and jobs on the other side of the world.  Workers there are buying cars, and their growing factories using more fossil fuels – all driving up the cost of our fuel at our local gas stations.

In today’s global economy, there is little chance to buy a locally made TV or cell phone or car.  You can choose to balance these purchases with local choices when you can, especially locally grown and manufactured wood and food products.

Lawyers and lawsuits and high insurance costs are contributing factors to replacing people with machinery.  This is major.

I Choose to employ People, not Robots