Good Local Wood

Keep all the values of our local trees in the local community


GOOD LOCAL WOOD - a New Book by Jim Birkemeier $16


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Timbergreen Farm S11478 Soeldner Rd Spring Green, WI 53588 USA

Good Local Wood – Table of Contents

Chapter One Timbergreen Farm – forest owners in control   
What we do here on the family farm

Chapter Two Take Just What Nature Gives
Traditional teachings of Native Americans – applied to small business

Chapter Three Tend the Forest a little each year
The best lessons of the German Dauerwald – applied to profitable forestry

Chapter Four Trailblazing opens the forest
Accessing the land for many uses, learning to see the trees – need at least one good trail
boundary lines, fences, neighbors   security – watch your woods

Chapter Five Tools used to improve the woods
Simple tools needed to work in the forest
Techniques – as simple as possible

Chapter Six Timber!  Felling the right way
Using the bore cut method for safety and quality

Chapter Seven Transporting Logs through the forest
Small equipment to minimize damage while moving tons of wood

Chapter Eight Turning round logs into square boards
Simple sawmilling methods with small machinery

Chapter Nine Trapping Free Solar Power to dry wood
Solar Cycle Dry Kilns produce superior quality lumber

Chapter Ten Transforming rough wood into finished products
Workshop practices for making useful things – basic skills and tools
only limitation is your imagination

Chapter Eleven Time to Sell high value stuff
Marketing in the local, regional, national, and global arena

Chapter Twelve Tapping the energy in wood
Harvesting, drying, and burning wood to generate heat & electricity
sharing extra wood with neighbors – cutting on shares

Chapter Thirteen Training others to learn to earn the benefits of growing trees
Spreading the word that there is an alternative to Industrial “sustainable forestry”

Finished wood products are very valuable and should reward the grower and community for good effort

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