YouTube Videos by Jim Birkemeier
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Short Introduction to Full Value Forestry

Timbergreen Farm - Story of Sustainability

Saving Urban Trees from the dump

Use City Trees to Make New Jobs

New Jobs for Veterans from Urban Trees

New Jobs from Old Logs in the Amazon

Felling Trees

One large tree will earn us $10,000

Felling a walnut tree with the bore cut method

Earning $6,500 from a dead red oak tree

Felling a big dead red oak tree with the bore cut

Salvaging a wind blown walnut tree at Timbergreen Farm

Felling a dead white oak tree


Quarter sawing a large red oak log at Timbergreen Farm

Quarter sawmilling a large cherry log on the WoodMizer

Make high value products from small diamter logs

Sawmilling a good white pine log

Sawmilling curved logs on the WoodMizer

Quarter sawing logs on the WoodMizer

Solar Cycle Lumber Kilns

Simple Solar Cycle Lumber Kilns

Simple Solar Cycle Lumber Kilns - part two

Solar Cycle Lumber Dry Kilns

Solar Cycle Kilns work even in the Winter


Training Opportunities at Timbergreen Farm

Full Value Forestry Training