Full Value Forestryby Jim Birkemeier

keep the many value of forests and trees in the local economy

FVF masters the Native North American teaching of using just the dead and dying trees   that the forest gives you each year - so the trees will last forever.
            Never allow industrial demand to determine what trees are taken. 
FVF encourages natural succession and natural regeneration,
            following the German Dauerwald teaching - “Watch Nature”.
FVF carefully harvests an average of one tree per acre each year
            so the forest is never changed or damaged. 
FVF practices Arthroscopic Logging, using the smallest equipment possible,
            doing the least damage and most good. 
FVF utilizes each part of the tree for its highest value use.  Smart!
FVF earns a minimum of $10,000 per thousand board feet - $10 per board foot, or more. 
The opportunity at this income level is to create one good job for every 10 acres of forest in this region, and for every 50 trees cut in one year in an urban forest.
FVF uses free natural wind power and solar heat to dry superior quality lumber
            using Timbergreen Farm’s unique Solar Cycle lumber dry kilns. 
The nightly moisture equalization period is the key to success.
FVF makes hundreds of different high-value finished products,
            putting local people to work using salvaged dead and dying trees. 
FVF sells wood products direct to customers, usually earning full retail prices,
            keeping nearly all of the money in the local economy.  
FVF installs and finishes mixed species custom blended wood flooring,
            cabinets, stairways, furniture, etc. right in their customers’ home. 
Using locally grown and manufactured forest products directly lowers
    the demand to clear cut the remaining natural rainforests in the tropics.

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