Foresters on Steroids

The American Timber Industry and Forestry Profession have been on “steroids” for over a century – pumping up production with every method possible, while trying to maintain a mask of “sustainability” and respect.  Big machines and industrial methods that over harvest and high grade the timber continue to rape the forest and private forest owners.  This has been accepted as necessary, part of the game, and the devastating effects are still ignored and covered up today.  Production has been at the expense of the innocent forest and forest owner, making a few rich, while devastating our planet’s natural resources. 
Forest owners have been afraid to speak up, there has been no alternative.

Just like the big church and big sports – its time for big forestry to come clean and get back to:
Forestry – the way it is supposed to be!
The media needs to shed light on what has been hidden and denied for many years. 
Once a brave journalist finally breaks this story,
forest owners and foresters will get courage to speak out.

The story would be the same as the church and baseball – abuse and cover up to the highest levels of the industry/government.  High-grading, over-harvesting, rape of the forest – have been accepted as business as usual.  Everyone is to blame for participating in a bad system they know is wrong, but accepting it year after year to protect their jobs and earn their wages.   
But blaming individuals is not going to fix anything, there is no need to list the offenders by name.

Until we admit our big corporation/government timber management and harvesting system has been based on greed & production, and is actually devastating our timber resource yet today, there will be no change. 

There is an alternative – Forestry, the way it is supposed to be!