We Eliminate ALL (yep, every one) the Middlemen!

Here at Timbergreen Farm, we are successful because we have eliminated every single middleman/broker/forester -
and keep all the money for our selves.
We have learned to do it all, right here at home.

In the traditional timber industry - the middlemen/brokers/foresters - make more money in their momentary monetary transaction that the average forest owner does when harvesting 100+ year old trees.
(This is totally wrong!)

The absolute worst broker/middleman -
and the biggest discouragement of all to sustainable forest management -
is the average timber buyer!!  

(Many of them work with the method, "If you are going to screw them, screw them so bad, that they are afraid to talk about it....") (If the Timber Industry wants to REALLY encourage forestry on private lands, they NEED to CLEAN UP THEIR ACT where they directly deal with the 10,000,000 woodlot owners in the U.S..)  
Any inexperienced forest owner who deals direct with the experienced roaming timber buyer deserves exactly what they get!  
Any professional forester who tolerates/accepts/works with this continuously ongoing rip-off system is a phony phorester!

A "procurement forester" is the next biggest fraud of all.  Any "professional " "forester" working for a timber corporation to "help forest owners manage their timber" has the next totally blinding conflict of interest = despite the totally wonderful 'full color' & 'glossy print' sustainable forestry propaganda campaigns....   

Consulting foresters who still work for landowners on a commission basis for timber sales as 'timber agents' - are the next to sell their souls to the D.... and should all be tarred and feathered and run out of town.... as complete fools (despite their college degrees).

No comment on the government foresters and their welfare programs....
(did someone say they were mere puppets of the huge timber industry????)

Once you get into the competitive secondary timber markets and the wholesale and retail markets, the middlemen/brokers are just about the same as any other commodity... but we eliminate them too! The shippers, wholesalers, and retail marketers take half of the final value of wood products - each getting about 25 times what the timber grower received.

By just saying NO to business as usual in the timber industry today =
we have learned to earn 100 times what all our neighbors get when harvesting their timber.

AND - We absolutely love our work and have the most productive and beautiful forest around!

And I'll tell you everything you need to know to do it yourself! ( If I'm not SCUBA diving in the Caribbean....)

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Yep, the Wisconsin State Forester a few years ago, Gene Francisco, (now the executive of the Professional Loggers.... whatever... ) told me that I'm "the one with an attitude!" You Bet! I admit it!!

The real question is... what is your attitude on all this?