Buy Local and Sell Global!!

We voted in November and nearly all walked away knowing that their effort
made no real difference for our future.

Many others didn't even bother to go to the polls, feeling the same hopelessness.

Every Single Day, Every Single One of Us Votes for our Future -

                       Votes That Do Count

Every single purchase we make is a vote for our future.  Everything you buy builds up that company. 
* If you buy Local, most of your money stays in the community. 
** If you buy from Big Box Store, most of your money leaves the local economy. 
*** If buy on the internet or over the phone - nearly all of your money is exported -far away.

Every single vote counts - whether you think about it or not.

I Love to buy stuff too - but Think about it!
Each choice does make a real difference!

Choose to Buy Local as Possible.  Protect your future.

Globalization has changed the world but we can still choose our position.

Individually, as a family, as a neighborhood, as a community, as a region, as a nation - our choices determine our future fate.  A little selfishness here makes sense. Choose to live as Local as Possible.

In 2010, every single person can make a difference. 

Every single person has unlimited opportunity

No One can live an independant life anymore - we are all connected and embedded in a society.

We are now committed to using fossil fuels and electricity and transportation systems...   Work to achieve a positive energy balance - saving more than you squander.

Work to export products and import money into the Local Economy.  Positive Balance!

Every Economy should strive to Buy Local and Sell Global!

Choose as Local As Possible