A Flip of a Switch won’t fix this recession!

Globalization has changed our world in SW Wisconsin.  Labor costs in China and India are so low, production has moved out and a recession has moved in here. 
Things have changed.   Homo Sapiens are being homogenized. 

We have grown used to cheap energy, at the Flip of a Switch or turn of the key.   Now we are seeing there are many very high costs to ‘cheap’, ‘convenient’ energy. 

Some things are best produced in specialize factories, like electronics.  Some things are best produced in certain locations.  Globalization has some merit and is here to stay. As long as we are smart, our new position in the global economy won’t be too bad.

We really need to go back to simpler times, and be more self sufficient.  Use what we have = locally as a first priority, then import only what we really need.

Our best hope now is to be smarter consumers.  Every single purchase that we make builds up the business that sold it and the one that made it.  Each purchase is an absolutely real vote for our future.  If you buy over the phone or online – nearly all of your money instantly leaves the local economy.  If you buy from a big corporate box store – most all of your money quickly leaves the local economy, and the jobs you are supporting are low wage and low benefit.   If you buy from a locally owned store, much of your money stays in the local economy, supporting better paying positions.  If you buy things direct from the grower/producer nearly all of your money is kept in the local economy and less fossil fuels are expended in the process.  When you buy local, you are supporting people’s way of life in your community.

Choose “As Local As Possible”   Buy good values and not cheap imported stuff that soon ends up in the landfill.

“Traders” have undermined Investment.   Stock, commodity, and futures Traders are continually skimming off money from the various markets, now using computer programs to take even small profits.   Traders take advantage of the weakness in our economic system, providing no services or value added.   Dealing with small business avoids this whole industry of speculators that take money from us without providing any benefits.  We can keep our money from being sucked away by controlling where we keep it!   Keep you money close to home in a community owned bank when possible.

Choose to support small business and avoid large corporations.   The big corporation funded “experts” work to block small business and local food options “for public safety” hoping you ignore the oil spills and the million pound beef recalls and e-coli & salmonella outbreaks affecting dozens of states each time.

Do ‘Just The Opposite’ of what a big corporation wants you to do.  See through the propaganda put out to protect and build the big corporations.  Right now, the big energy corporations are encouraging photo voltaic and wind turbines as they make their money up front and they keep you dependent – under their control.  The big corporations are now saying that burning wood chips as biofuel will release mercury stored in the tree, hoping you will ignore all their pollution, past – present – and future.   If the “experts” funded by Big Energy are fighting wood chips for fuel – that confirms this alternative must be the best way for us to go for our future!

Make a careful choice where you spend your money and think about who will benefit. 
Choosing to Save money – Live Better are the most destructive decisions in our economy today.  Who are you voting for – for

WalMart and Lumber Liquidators are booming – the biggest exporters of U.S.A. dollars of all time.  We feel good getting what we think is a “cheap deal”.  We are really shooting ourselves in the future, killing our local economy for a momentary lust.

Time to be smarter!

Time to think about our future.

Solar energy is the only renewable energy = it bombards us every day.  Living Green Plants are the most efficient solar energy collectors – they even store the sun’s power on a cloudy day!  We can store that as biofuel to use when we need it.  Fossil Fuels all have major risks of huge environmental crisis – burning wood is a traditional use.

BioFuels Give Freedom from the Big Energy Corporations!